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Team SPM
Phone: 04 76 63 75 46
Address: Bâtiment Jean Roget, Domaine de la Merci
Office: 327

Dr. Lucas Struber is a postdoctoral fellow in SPM team, where he earned his PhD in motion analysis and sensory integration of rehabilitation of scoliotic patients. He also holds a master of engineering in signal processing and scientific computing, obtained within Grenoble INP-ENSE3. During his PhD, he patented a motion analysis device for rehabilitation and participated to its valorization through the creation of the start-up mySmartMove, for which he is now scientific advisor. Recently, he started a postdoctoral training in neuroscience and focused his research on the understanding of brain mechanisms underlying motor adaptation through different imaging modalities (EEG, fMRI) and from a global point of view thanks to machine learning techniques (MKL, neural networks…).