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Equipe EPSP
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Adresse : Bâtiment Jean Roget, Domaine de la Merci
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Les principaux

  • Cellules souches
  • Biologie des systèmes
  • Omics
  • Open Access
  • Visualisation de données

Les actuels

  • Peau
  • Exposome
  • Vieillissement

Les anciens

  • KnockDown
  • Lentivirus
  • Interférence ARN
  • Dystrophine
  • DMD
  • Saut d'exon
  • Criblage haut débit


2021 - Myogenesis modelled by human pluripotent stem cells: a multi-omic study of Duchenne myopathy early onset
2019 - Efficient genome editing in primary cells and in vivo using viral-derived "Nanoblades" loaded with Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoproteins
2016 - A descriptive guide for absolute quantification of produced shRNA pseudotyped lentiviral particles by real-time PCR
2016 - Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Plasticity Is Regulated through Klf5 and Maintained by Metalloproteinase MMP1 and Hypoxia
2015 - Dp412e: a novel human embryonic dystrophin isoform induced by BMP4 in early differentiated cells
2014 - Network based meta-analysis prediction of microenvironmental relays involved in stemness of human embryonic stem cells
2013 - The heparin-binding protein interactome in pancreatic diseases