DEPORRA2 project


Dispositif et systEmes ciblés pour la PrOstatectomie Radicale Robotisée Augmentée #2
(Targeted device and systems for Augmented Robotic Radical PrOstatectomy #2)


Laparoscopic surgical management of prostate cancer (one of the leading causes of death in men) is currently undergoing major changes, due to the introduction of the da Vinci robot or the ViKY endoscope robot at the surgical site.

However, robot-assisted procedures do not yet make use of intraoperative endo-urethral ultrasound and fluorescence imaging, which would allow the surgeon to "see beyond the visible" to perform the procedure in an optimal way. These new intraoperative modalities are eagerly awaited by surgeons in order to provide a more relevant therapeutic response to the management of prostate tumor pathology, a real public health problem that will increase in the coming years.

DEPORRA2 aims to demonstrate that it is possible to offer the surgeon, thanks to an "augmented" robotic environment, the possibility of exploring intra-operatively and in a more relevant way, the prostate tissue by enriching the laparoscopic images with ultrasound images (endo-urethral route), and with mini-camera images

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Four partners are involved in this multidisciplinary public-private partnership project:

  • TIMC - Techniques de l’Ingénierie Médicale et de la Complexité - Informatique, Mathématiques et Applications - Équipe des Gestes Médico-Chirurgicaux Assistés par Ordinateur
  • CIC-IT/CHUG - Le Centre d’Investigation Clinique - Innovation Technologique du CHU de Grenoble
  • SurgiQual Institute - Société pour la conception, le développement, la fabrication et la vente de composants pour les interventions médicales assistées par ordinateur
  • VERMON - Société spécialisée dans les transducteurs ultrasonores pour les applications médicales et le contrôle non destructif des matériaux


Multidisciplinary project funded by ANR - Projet ANR-14-CE17-0009 [2014- 2018].