PhD position - Nanostructural characterisation of protein interactions with lipid bilayer membranes


The PhD student will perform a nanostructural characterisation of the interaction between peptide and protein biomarkers and tBLM, and will identify the role of the lipid part to modulate the interaction between tBLM and specific peptides and proteins. These fundamental results will provide the basis for biosensors and analytical procedures that can detect scarce biomarker proteins from other high-abundance proteins and from lipidic moieties in blood samples. The biosensors envisaged are based on nanostructured tBLM in which we have optimised the lipid composition for specific proteins interactions.


Further information may be obtained from :

   ESRF page


  • fragneto [at] (Giovanna Fragneto) - ILL
  • marco.maccarini [at] (Marco Maccarini) - TIMC
  • donald.martin [at] (Donald Martin) - TIMC