Postdoctoral position in Microbiology-Microbiome studies


The applicant will take part in the project “Enteroprobe”, which is funded by the Région Rhône Alpes Auvergne, funded and granted to Pr. Donald Martin in partnership with the company Pelican Health SAS, and hosted in the TIMC laboratory of the University Grenoble Alpes.

Enteroprobe  is  a  project  supporting  the development of  a  novel  in-situ microbiome sampling medical device by Pelican Health SAS. The novel approach will give access to the small intestine, open a better understanding of the intestinal microbiome and its relationship with the host,  and  allow  the  development  of  new  nutritional,  therapeutic  and  diagnostic  solutions. In  this context, the postdoctoral applicant will setup an in-vitro platform for the development of the medical device  and  the  study  of  the  small  intestinal  microbiome  and  its  evolution.  He/she  will  select  and develop culture media and conditions for mock microbiome communities and retrieved samples. The applicant will also perform metagenomics analysis to characterize the system.

Expected profile:

The  applicant  should  have 

  • a recent  PhD in  microbiology with  a  strong  knowledge in gutderived microorganism culture. He/she will have to master bench skills in molecular biology such as DNA/RNA extraction,   PCR/qPC.

  • skills   in   bioinformatics   and biostatistics   (R   programming   and   statistical programming   language)   dedicated   to   handle   16S   sequencing   data   and   meta-Omicsdata   are mandatory.



For more information / to apply, see:

Deadline for applications: 30/04/2021
Contract duration: 18 months, as soon as possible

Contacts: Pr Donald Martin - Don.Martin [at]
Candidates should  send  a  brief  statement  of  their  research  interests,  their  CV  and at  least two recommendation contacts.