Cancer atavist theory conferences by M. Vincent et J. Clairambault on 2022/08/06



Following the cancellation of the ATAC workshop in its initial form, an exceptional session is proposed on Wednesday June 8 at 3pm, with two guest speakers, Jean Clairambault and Mark Vincent:

    First conference, Mark D. Vincent
    “Atavism, Extinction Theory and the Treatment of Cancer”


    Mark D. Vincent is a medical oncologist at the London Regional Cancer Centre, a part of Cancer Care Ontario, where his activities include the management of lung and gastrointestinal cancer, and laboratory research into the reversal of cytotoxic drug resistance by means of gene therapy. He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario in the Department of Medicine, in the division of Medical oncology. His interests include the following subjects:

    • translation of basic research into the clinic, and the design and conduct of clinical trials in lung and colorectal cancer,
    • toxicity minimisation/avoidance and resistance reversal by means of gene-directed therapy and small molecule chemopotentiation.

    Second conference, Jean Clairambault
    “From mathematical modelling by structured cell population dynamics for cancer plasticity to philosophy of cancer: role of the atavistic theory”


    Jean Clairambault is emeritus senior scientist (directeur de recherche DR1) at INRIA Paris, MAMBA team. His research interests mainly focus on mathematical models for biology and medicine. He is particularly interested in the following subjects:

    • evolution of phenotypes in cancer cell populations (“cell Darwinism”) towards drug resistance,
    • physiologically structured partial differential equation models for cell population dynamics,
    • pharmacotherapeutic optimisation in oncology w.r.t. toxic side effects and drug resistance.

    bullet  Two ways to attend this meeting which will take place on Wednesday June 8 from 3 to 5 pm: