Cancer atavist theory conferences by M. Vincent et J. Clairambault on 2022/08/06

Following the cancellation of the ATAC workshop in its initial form, an exceptional session is proposed on Wednesday June 8 at 3pm, with two guest speakers, Jean Clairambault and Mark Vincent, “Atavism, Extinction Theory and the Treatment of Cancer” and “From mathematical modelling by structured cell population dynamics for cancer plasticity to philosophy of cancer: role of the atavistic theory”.

Laboratory New Entrants Day on 11/12/19

The Laboratory New Entrants Day is organized on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. The programme of this meeting will include a presentation of the laboratory and its departments, the various departments and staff representatives. This first half-day will be followed by a visit to our two sites and scientific platforms of different teams. After a meal shared together, a Health and Safety training will be organized. The day will end with a time devoted to new doctoral students proposed by their representatives.