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Team SyNaBi
Phone: 04 56 52 00 83
Address: Bâtiment Taillefer, Allée des Alpes, Domaine de la Merci
Office: 226
Research themes

Biophysics, Soft Matter Physics, Biomimetic Lipid Membranes


Lipid bilayers, biomimetic membranes, membrane proteins, gold nanoparticles, neutron scattering, X-ray scattering

Supervised thesis
Béatrice BARLETTI : "Caractérisation nanostructurale des interactions protéiques avec les membranes bicouches lipidiques : base pour le développement de biocapteurs"

Selected publications (*corresponding author)

  • A. De Francesco, G. Briganti, R. B. Lennox, E. Guarini, U. Bafile, L. Scaccia, M. Maccarini* `Model free description of polymer coated gold nanoparticle dynamics in aqueous solutions obtained by Bayesian analysis of neutron spin echo data'  Physical Review E (2019) 99, 052504
  • F. Lolicato, L. Joly,  H. Martinez-Seara,  G. Fragneto, F. Baldelli Bombelli, E. Scoppola, I. Vattulainen   J. Akkola, M. Maccarini* `The Role of Temperature and Lipid Charge on Intake/Uptake of Cationic Gold Nanoparticles into Lipid Bilayer' Small (2019), 15, 1805046
  • M. Maccarini, L. Gayet, B. Stidder, J-P. Alcaraz, E. Watkins, L. Liguori, J-L. Lenormann, D. Martin `Functional nanostructure of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa porin OprF incorporated into a tethered lipid bilayer membrane' Langmuir (2017) 33 (38), 9988–9996
  • M. Katava, M. Maccarini*, G. Villain, A. Paciaroni, M. Szucki, O. Ivanova, D. Madern, F. Sterpone, `Thermal activation of soft modes in Lactade dehydrogenase. A combined neutron spin echo spectroscopy and molecular dynamics study' Scientific Reports  (2017) 7, 41092  
  • S. Tatur, M. Maccarini*, R. Barker, A. Nelson, G. Fragneto `Effect of functionalized gold nanoparticles on floating lipid bilayers' Langmuir (2013) 29 (22) 6606

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