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October 12/10/2018 R32 Daniel Jost TIMC-IMAG Understanding heterochromatin 3D reorganization during senescence
  19/10/2018 R32 Florian Privé TIMC-IMAG Make your slides with Rmarkdown
  26/10/2018 R32 Raphael Bacher DATA Institute Don't know what to choose between R and Python ? Try Julia
November 02/11/2018 R32 OFF   Toussaint
  09/11/2018 R32 Eric Fanchon TIMC-IMAG Reachability Analysis applied to Iron Homeostasis
  16/11/2018 R32 OFF   Anniversaire TIMC
  23/11/2018 R32 Clémentine Décamps TIMC-IMAG PenDA: a rank based method for Personalized Differential Analysis
  30/11/2018 R32 Thomas Burger CEA PEPA test: fast and powerful differential analysis from relative quantitative proteomics data using shared peptides
December 07/12/2018 R32 Samuel Bernard INRIA Dracula Integrative approaches to model circadian clock control of cell population growth
  14/12/2018 R32 OFF   Data challenge @ Aussois
  21/12/2018 R32 OFF    
  28/12/2018 R32 OFF   Christmas
January 04/01/2019 R32 OFF   Christmas
  11/01/2019 R32 Serkan Apaydın INRIA (Sophia Anti.) Deep learning applications in drug discovery and protein structure analysis
  18/01/2019 R32 Hervé Seligmann Jerusalem New analyses for molecular sequence data
  25/01/2019 R32 Maxime Folschette LS2N (Nantes) Bioinformatics methods for system biology
February 01/02/2019 R32 Olivier François TIMC-IMAG Deep urn models: The rich get richer (and richer)
  08/02/2019 R32 Kapil Newar TIMC-IMAG Epigenetic model of histone modifications
  15/02/2019 IAB Anaïs Bardet ESBS (Strasbourg) Transcription factor sensitivity to DNA methylation
  22/02/2019 R32 OFF    
March 01/03/2019 R32 OFF    
  08/03/2019 R32 Rémy Jardillier CEA Evaluation of Lasso-like methods to select genes in survival analysis
  15/03/2019 R32 Anaïs Gagnieu TIMC-IMAG Modeling mechanical interactions cell substrate for cell movement
  22/03/2019 R32 Antoine Frenoy Institut Pasteur Inferring ecological lifestyles of bacterial species from metahenomic datasets: application to horizontal transfer and virulence
  29/03/2019 R32 Clémentine Décamps TIMC-IMAG HADACA project: organisation of a data challenge about cancer heterogeneity deconvolution
April 05/04/2019 R32 Tomas Alarcon CRM (Barcelona) Heterogeneity in epigenetic regulatory systems: epigenetic plasticity in aging and cancer
  12/04/2019 R32 Basile Jumentier TIMC-IMAG Sparse lfmm, a new sparse regression for genetic or epigenetic association studies
  19/04/2019 R32 Nicolas Glade TIMC-IMAG Computing the structural and behavioral complexities and distances in threshold Boolean networks.
  26/04/2019 R32 Cancelled    
May 03/05/2019 R32 Laurent Guyon CEA Interpretation of microRNA datasets with network based approaches
  10/05/2019 R32 Cancelled    
  17/05/2019 R32 Michael Blum TIMC-IMAG An overview of challenges and opportunities for polygenic risk scores
  24/05/2019 R32 Sophie Abby TIMC-IMAG Evolution playing a molecular buiding set: the case of bacterial protein secretion systems
  31/05/2019 R32 OFF   WE Ascension
June 07/06/2019 R32 Nicolas Thierry-Mieg TIMC-IMAG JC: Calling low-VAF somatic variants with Needlestack in multi-sample NGS data
  14/06/2019 R32 MISE AU VERT    
  21/06/2019 R32 Pierre Jacquet TIMC-IMAG How the cancer cells adapts its energy metabolism: some new insights from a computational model
  28/06/2019 R32 Arnaud Seigneurin   Modeling the benefits and risks of a population-based breast cancer screening program
July 05/07/2019 R32 José Labarère TIMC-IMAG Flow cytometric analysis of neutrophil myeloperoxidase expression in peripheral blood for ruling out myelodysplastic syndromes. A diagnostic accuracy study.
  12/07/2019 R32 free