These fortnightly computational and mathematical biology seminars are organized by the TIMC lab in Grenoble

External guests are very welcome to attend and to present their work

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The seminars take place every other Thursday, at 14:00, in Pavillon Taillefer (usually room R31)

🆕 March 2022: the seminars are now back in Pavillon Taillefer with face masks and "passe sanitaire" (we may still broadcast them over zoom on demand)

Preliminary schedule (2021-2022):
Date Room Speaker Title
2021-09-20 (special seminar) R31 Anaïs Baudot (Marseille Medical Genetics) Multi-omics data integration methods to study rare genetic diseases
2021-09-23 R31 Clément Gain (TIMC) Simulations to compare methods of genetic offset in the context of rapid environmental change
2021-10-07 R31 Delphine Ropers (INRIA) Model-based interpretation of high-throughput data: Integrative analysis of bacterial mRNA decay
2021-10-21 R32 Laura Turchi (CEA) Multi-criteria Integrative Modeling for the prediction of transcriptional Regulation
2021-11-18 R31 Angélique Stéphanou (TIMC) Intracellular acidity regulation in cancer cells and conquences for therapeutic optimization

2021-11-26 14:00 (special seminar)

IAB William Ritchie (IGH) Sequencing in Health, a decade of disappointment. Possible AI solutions
2021-12-02 R31 Alaa Tafech (TIMC) Characterization of the intracellular acidity regulation capacity of brain tumor cells in fluorescence imaging and consequences for therapeutic optimization of temozolomide
2021-12-09 R31 Antoine Frenoy (TIMC) Evolvability suppression in bacteria: putative evolutionary scenario and speculative biotech application
2021-01-13 Zoom Chloé Bracis (TIMC) Epidemiological modeling of COVID-19: vaccines and variants
2021-01-20 Zoom Sara Si Moussi (LECA) Using machine learning to uncover the drivers of ecological communities turnover
2021-01-27 Zoom Sophie Abby (TIMC) Phylo-genomic approaches for studying the distribution and evolution of microbial macromolecular systems
2022-02-10   canceled  
2022-03-03 R31+Zoom Amandine Septier (TIMC) Infertility and genomic variants: an integrative multi-omics analysis
2022-03-24 R31 Guilhem Sommeria-Klein (University of Turku) Microbial ecology and biogeography using probabilistic modeling
2022-03-31 R31 Claire-Cécile Barrot (TIMC, IAB) Maternal smoking, offspring IQ and DNA methylation: a mediation analysis
2022-04-14 R31 Florent Chuffart (IAB) Investigating the impact of latent factors on DMR (Differentially Methylated Regions) finding in Illumina-like DNA methylation data
2022-05-05 R31 canceled  
2022-05-19 R31 canceled  
2022-06-09 R31    
2022-06-23 R31    
2022-07-07 R31    


Information for speakers:

  • Open format (standard scientific presentation, journal club, methodological tutorial or demonstration...)
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 hour or less, including questions and discussion
  • Very broad audience (all fields of computational biology) talks must be accessible to non-specialists, avoid jargon, introduce well the [sub]field and the context
  • Please send a title to the organizer a week before your talk
  • We have a 16:9 projector with HDMI and VGA cables