These fortnightly computational and mathematical biology seminars are organized by the TIMC lab in Grenoble

External guests are very welcome to attend and to present their work

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The seminars take place every other Thursday, at 14:00, in Pavillon Taillefer (usually room R31)

🆕 March 2022: the seminars are now back in Pavillon Taillefer with face masks and "passe sanitaire" (we may still broadcast them over zoom on demand)

🆕 September 2022: the schedule for 2022-2023 is available below, still a couple of slots available

Schedule 2022-2023 :
Date Location Speaker Title
2022-09-08 R31 Clément Gain (MAGE @TIMC) Measures of Genomic Offset and the Geometry of the Ecological Niche
2022-09-22 R31 Pierre-Simon Jouk, Johanne Auriau, Yves Usson (BCM @TIMC) Myocardial disclinations
2022-10-06 R31 Pierre Jacquet (BCM @TIMC) Métabolisme des tumeurs : apport de la modélisation dans la compréhension de l’adaptabilité spatiotemporelle (exceptionally in FR)
2022-10-11 11:00 (special seminar) R31 Laurence Calzone (Curie Paris) - invited Using a Boolean approach to model tumour heterogeneity: from a single cell to a dynamic population of interacting cells
2022-10-20 R31 Anton Crombach (INRIA Lyon) - invited A transcriptional network from paleo- to neocortical neurons
2022-11-10 R31 Élise Amblard (MAGE @TIMC) Improving the deconvolution of bulk cancer omic data
2022-11-24 R31 Thibaut Capblancq (LECA Grenoble) Genomic prediction of population maladaptation to future climate: concept, methods and challenges
2022-12-08 R31 Ivan Junier (Tree @TIMC) Gene expression in bacteria: from evolutionary genomics to non-equilibrium physics
2023-01-05 R31 Antoine Frenoy (MAGE @TIMC) Inferring bacterial mutation rates in complex ecological scenarios
2023-01-19 R31 canceled  
2023-02-02 R31 Jean Cury (MDM lab Paris) - invited Toward deep learning for bacterial population genetics
2023-02-23 R31 Paul Villoutreix (CenTuri Marseille) - invited Inference and machine learning methods in developmental biology: bridging morphogenesis with gene expression patterns
2023-03-16 R31 Lucas Etourneau (Tree @TIMC & CEA) Imputation of missing not at random values in high-dimensional proteomics datasets
2023-03-23 R31 Benjamin Nemoz (IBP Grenoble) Exploration of antibody repertoires: from sequence to function
2023-04-06 R31 Sophie-Carole Chobert (Tree @TIMC)  
2023-04-27 R31 Amandine Septier (MAGE @TIMC)  
2023-05-11 R31 Nicolas Thierry-Mieg (MAGE @TIMC)  
2023-06-01 R31 Florence Pittion (MAGE @TIMC)  
2023-06-15 R31 Chloé Bracis (MAGE @TIMC)  
2023-06-29 R31    

If you would like to present your work during one of the available slots, email the organizer (Antoine Frenoy)

Information for speakers:

  • Open format (standard scientific presentation, journal club, methodological tutorial or demonstration...)
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 hour or less, including questions and discussion
  • Very broad audience (all fields of computational biology) talks must be accessible to non-specialists, avoid jargon, introduce well the [sub]field and the context
  • Please send a title to the organizer a week before your talk
  • We have a 16:9 projector with HDMI and VGA cables