Welcome to the Computational and Mathematical Biology seminars webpage

These weekly seminars are jointly organized by the BCM (computational biology and modeling) and MAGE (models and algorithms for genomics) teams of the TIMC lab (external guests are also welcome)

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The seminars take place most Thursdays, usually at 14:00 in room R31 of Pavillon Taillefer, and last ~1h (30 minutes talk + 30 minutes discussion)

Seminars can take the form of a standard scientific presentation or of a journal club

🆕 November 2020: the seminars are now online, information (link to the video conference) sent on the mailing list

Date Time Room Speaker Team/lab Title
10/9 13h R31 Pierre Jacquet DycTim (TIMC) Modeling tumoral metabolism
17/9 13h R31 Lucas Morin BCM (TIMC) Artificial intelligence for the analysis of the ecological properties of bacterial species
24/9 14h R31 Angélique Perrillat Université de Poitiers From MRS data to mathematical equations and back
1/10 14h online Slim Karkar Université Paris-Saclay Data integration for precision medicine: Imaging-genetics study in UK Biobank
8/10 14h R31      
15/10 14h R31 Clément Gain BCM (TIMC) Methods for genomic prediction of population maladaptation accross current and future climatic landscapes and their limitations
22/10 14h R31 Rémi Segretain DycTim (TIMC) Modeling evolution : analysis of boolean networks extensibility
29/10 14h R31      
5/11 14h R31      
12/11 14h R31      
19/11 14h R31 Chloe Bracis BCM (TIMC) Modeling biological processes: from animal movement to covid-19
26/11 14h R31      
3/12 14h R31 Basile Jumentier BCM (TIMC) Impact of maternal smoking on birth weight via DNA methylation
10/12 14h R31      
17/12 14h R31 Clémentine Decamps BCM (TIMC) Inferring genetic regulation of tumor microenvironment composition using mutliomic personalised analysis in cancer
24/12 Christmas break
31/12 Christmas break
7/1 14h R31 Antoine Frenoy BCM (TIMC) Journal club: A hydrophobic ratchet entrenches molecular complexes
14/1 14h R31      
21/1 14h R31 Kapil Newar BCM (TIMC) Differential recruitment of key enzymes regulates the epigenetic profiles over the genome
28/1 14h R31      
4/2 14h R31      
11/2 14h R31      
18/2 14h R31 Antonin Marchais Institut Gustave Roussy Pediatric Oncology and Omics studies: Microenvironment composition of Osteosarcoma tumors influences the prognostic of patient at diagnosis
25/2 14h R31 Olivier François BCM (TIMC) Gene flow and social distancing
4/3 14h R31 Benjamin Fayolle LJK Using neural methods to simulate community assemblage and species abundance
11/3 14h R31      
18/3 14h R31      
25/3 14h R31 Nicolas Thierry-Mieg BCM (TIMC) Journal club: A reference map of the human binary protein interactome
1/4 14h R31      
8/4 14h R31 Magali Richard BCM (TIMC) Deciphering heterogeneity in cancer: from algorithms to surrogate omics analysis
15/4 14h R31 Kevin Spinicci BCM (TIMC) Computational and mathematical approaches to understanding tumor cell metabolism for therapeutic molecules repurposing
22/4 14h R31      
29/4 14h R31 Yasmina Kermezli BCM (TIMC) Characterization and  quantification of tumor  heterogeneity in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma using single-cell data
6/5 14h R31 Brice Letcher EBI (Cambridge) Using genome graphs to study hypervariable genes in the malaria parasite P. falciparum
13/5 Ascension (public holiday)
20/5 MAGE's private wizardry
27/5 14h R31 Elise Amblard Institut Curie Dive into the hubness phenomenon: existence and impact on the analysis of scRNAseq data
3/6 MAGE's private wizardry
10/6 14h R31 Laura Turchi LPCV & BCM (TIMC)  
17/6 MAGE's private wizardry
24/6 14h R31 Laura Fancello Edyp (CEA) Methodological insights on proteogenomic approaches to enhance proteomics
1/7 MAGE's private wizardry