Cécile Betry HDR on 09/15/2023

Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR) defense of Cécile Betry of MESP team on september, the 15th at 2pm:

« Innovations in nutrition: detecting and preventing undernutrition. »

bullet Jury

  • Pr Jean-Luc Bosson (Grenoble) – President
  • Pr Antoine Avignon (Montpellier) – Reporter
  • Pr Éric Fontaine (Grenoble) – Reporter
  • Pr Ronan Thibault (Rennes) – Reporter
  • Pr Anne-Laure Borel (Grenoble) – Examiner
  • Pr Bruno Falissard (Paris) – Examiner


bullet  Abstract

Undernutrition is characterized by an energy imbalance. It is a frequent co-morbidity in hospitalization and in chronic diseases. Currently, screening for undernutrition is not systematic, despite recommendations. Its prevention in chronic diseases appears to be in contradiction with messages to prevent obesity. The aim of my research project is to innovate in order to improve the nutritional management of patients. I use (1) machine learning algorithms, a branch of artificial intelligence, for automatic image processing, (2) massive, multimodal and complex data using clinical data warehouses, and (3) innovative methodologies to integrate patients' individual experiences and preferences. I have developed two main axes of research. 1) Innovative tools for systematic screening for undernutrition in hospitals 2) Innovation to prevent undernutrition in chronic diseases. Axis 1 includes two projects: ODIASP and Ingest'IA. Their respective aims are 1) to automate the determination of muscle mass in CT-sca, for the opportunistic diagnosis of sarcopenia and 2) to measure food intake without human intervention, using image capture before and after the consumption of meal trays. Axis 2 examines the impact of nutritional recommendations and other sources of information on the risk of disturbed eating behavior and undernutrition in order to optimize dietary messages in chronic diseases.