Coronavirus: TIMC obstructs!

Coronavirus: TIMC obstructs!
Let's work remotely and let's protect each other!


  • Starting tomorrow, March 16, and until further notice, anything that can be done remotely MUST be done remotely. You are only allowed to come to your workplace if your presence is stated in TIMC's « Activity Continuity Plan".
    If you are not in this case, you are allowed to work at distance.

  • When your presence at your workplace is essential for the continuity of the public research service, systematically equip yourself, as soon as you enter our premises, with makeshift masks. The video that you will find on our site explains how to make it, share it with your colleagues.


Our solidarity and discipline can save lives!

Philippe Cinquin, TIMC Director


 fleche  Pr Garin's video : How to do a makeshift mask ?

Fabrication de masque


fleche  To access TIMC, UGA or CNRS resources, you must have VPN installed and enabled. The VPN installation is described on our intranet (heading Informatique => User Services). If you encounter difficulties, you can contact misi-timc [at] (TIMC's MISI service).


 fleche  Poster recalling the instructions for all TIMC members: