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Address: Bâtiment Taillefer, Allée des Alpes, Domaine de la Merci
Office: 221

Senior CNRS Research Director, co-head of the Bioméca team.

Research themes
His main research interests concern the biomechanical modeling of soft tissue and their integration into medical devices used to assist surgeons for planning (pre-operative surgical assistance) or to guide them during surgery (intra-operative guidance). The corresponding applications concern plastic and maxillofacial surgery, breast cancer treatment, neurosurgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation, based on organs (face, tongue, eyes, breast, brain) or musculoskeletal models (lower limb, including bones and soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, fat and skin).  

Elsevier book Payan & Ohayon 2017

Supervised thesis
Alessio TREBBI : "Biomechanical foot modeling: model evaluation and coupling with external devices"
Ekaterina MUKHINA : "Approches expérimentales et numériques pour la modélisation biomécanique des tissus mous fessiers."
Maxime CALKA : "Modélisation biomécanique par éléments finis de la contraction des muscles de la langue: application à la chirurgie orofacial assistée par ordinateur"
Noémie BRIOT : "Caractérisation ex vivo et in vivo des tissus mous humains pour la modélisation biomécanique du sein."
Marie-Line PISSONNIER : "Adaptation et évaluation d’un modèle musculo-squelettique et éléments finis du rachis humain. Analyse des variations structuro-fonctionnelles, du sujet sain au pathologique, applications cliniques."

Defended PhD: Yohan Payan did supervise more than 30 PhD students : Defended PhD

Participation to Committees : Yohan Payan was member of PhD and Habilitation Committees : Committees


Yohan Payan is involved in many scientific projects among the following ones:

- Project funded by the Foundation for Medical Research (FRM) : « Medical Imaging for the generation of personalized biomechanical models of the lower limb: applications to ankle arthrodesis and tibial osteotomy »

- European project STINTS : « Skin Tissue INTegrity under Shear »

- Biomechanical modeling of the breast

- In vivo characterization of soft tissue constitutive laws

- Biomechanical modeling of the buttocks

- Biomechanical modeling of the foot

- Biomechanical modeling of the facial and lingual tissues

- Biomechanical modeling of the brain

- Biomechanical modeling of the lungs


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Yohan Payan has collaborations with many researchers and clinicians, as well as industrial partnerships. He was the Chair of the EPUAP Scientific Committee (EPUAP: European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel).

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