"Ubi complex: Structural and functional characterization of the ubiquinone biosynthetic complex from Escherichia coli" - CBH graduate School PhD Fellowships with TIMC-TrEE & IBS-Metalloproteins Group.
Master 2 internship in Experimental Evolution proposed in the research team TIMC TrEE studying the evolutionary mechanisms involved in the adaptation of microorganisms to their environment, from in vitro culture to their eukaryotic hosts (including human hosts). One of the research topic deals with the Evolution of the structure and expression of (meta)-genomes, which aims at investigating the genomic determinants responsible for the remarkable adaptive properties of microorganisms (archaea and bacteria). Skills: Basic computational handling and analysis of metagenomic data, know-how to test for bacterial phenotypes.
" The modelling of chromosome replication and segregation in bacteria using polymer physics approches. ", 2 years and more, ANR 19-CE45-0013, beginning January 2022.