Post-doctoral position in polymer physics of bacterial DNA


" The modelling of chromosome replication and segregation
in bacteria using polymer physics approches.




Objectives: to develop realistic  in  silico  models  of  DNA  replication  and  segregation  taking  into  account  the topological  properties  of  bacterial  DNA  (DNA  supercoiling).

Prerequisite knowledge & skills: strong background  in  statistical  physics,  polymer  physics,  computational  or  mathematical methods, ,  with  an  interest  to  apply  computational  and  simulation  tools  to  understand the functioning of living organisms.


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  • Place: TIMC,UMR 5525, Domaine de la Merci, La Tronche
  • Duration: 2 years and more, funding ANR 19-CE45-0013
  • Beginning: January 2022


  bulletContact: Ivan Junier - TIMC TrEE - ivan.junier [at]