Recruitment:Biomedical Engineer on NeuroMorph project

A biomedical engineer position is proposed at the research team SyNaBi from the laboratory TIMC. SyNaBi is a multidisciplinary research team that takes a bioinspired approach to develop innovative biotechnologies for implanted medical devices and diagnostics. This position takes place in the context of the project NeuroMorph that is funded by the Institut Carnot ‟Logiciel et Systèmes Intelligents”. Profile: engineer with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, demonstrated expertise in microfluidic systems, biomimetic hydrogels, and experience in cell culture, able to work collaboratively in a dynamic and multidisciplinary team. Duration: 12 months, beginning on 2 January 2023

PhD defense of Ekaterina MUKHINA on 11/25/22

PhD defense of Ekaterina MUKHINA of BIOMÉCA team on november, the 25th at 2pm:

« Experimental and numerical approach

for the biomechanical modeling of the sacral soft tissues

in the context of pressure ulcer prevention »

bullet Jury :

  • Yohan PAYAN, Director of Research, CNRS - Supe

PhD defense of Gwladys DEMAZURE on 11/10/22

PhD defense of Gwladys DEMAZURE from TIMC ThEMAS on november, the 10th at 9am:

" Therapeutic care of unaccompanied refugee minors:
from an overview to adapted therapeutic approache
s "

bullet Jury:

  • Céline Baeyens, Professeure, Université